Giveaway Winners

Really brilliant turn out, thank you everybody.

Here are the winners:

Science Fiction / Fantasy:

Kirsten Rose, who entered via Facebook.

Modern Lit:

booksandbakes, who entered on the website.

Historical romances:

@theottergal, who entered on Twitter.


a.wray, who entered on the website.


@NPalmby, who entered on Twitter.


There's one more winner... a super-secret unannounced prize:

This illustrated Junior Library edition of "Little Women" goes to kittyism, who entered on the website.

I'll try and contact all of you if I can find a way - if not, please email me to claim your prize:



Jim do little said...

Wow! Congrats to everybody who won! Just because I didn't win doesn't mean it isn't cool.

Park Avenue Princess said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Can I just say that "Little Women" is beautiful?
I LOVE it!

Thanks again for all you do!


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