By A Nose

Large black and white photo of a racing horse, 7 inches by 11 inches.

Front has writing in marking pencil.

Reverse is stamped "MUST CREDIT I.N.P. SOUND PHOTO"

More pencil markings:

5 col
??? 1st
Bull Lea
winning Widener cup race

Bull Lea - quite a horse.

Found in "Needlecraft: The Home Arts Magazine." October 1933 issue.

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unmoderated said...

I would call that more than a nose, sir.

unmoderated said...


Sadly, I could come up with a witty title for this post.

Dear readers, give me something better and I will change the post title.

Tricia said...

For title: how about "Must Credit INP Sound Photo" ?

The embroidery on that magazine cover is awesome! I wonder what other projects are contained within? And I wonder how Mae Murdock (original recipient of the magazine) is related to the photo?

Tricia said...

I wonder if those ??? are "spts" - as in "1st page of the sports section"??

unmoderated said...

Hm, you may be right about the sports part, Tricia.

Diana Troldahl said...

I have a huge soft spot for old needlcraft magazines, and love horses as well! I also wanted to let you know the books arrived safely and soundly :-}

unmoderated said...

Very glad to hear that, Diana.

And no, I don't normally talk to myself.

Tricia said...

Hey, you gotta talk to someone intelligent once in a while! (learned that one from my dad :^)

Mary said...

It looks like a print or reprint of a newspaper photo. I'd say the writing on the back "5 Col, Spt. 1st." etc. would be the specs for running it. Very nice.

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