So Much


Se tanto, que a veces creo que no se nada.

I know so much so, much but, sometimes, I guess that I don't know nothing.
Bold strength bold caution + ?? / amusement


You're very, very wide.

Found in "The Poets and Poetry of Europe" by Henry Longfellow. Published by Porter and Coates, 1871.

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fatima k said...

Hello! We have given you a blog award:

alfaqui said...

The sentences in both languages are similar, but they do not mean the same thing.

Tricia said...

very, very wide??? I wonder if those are poorly formed letters N and C - very, very nice. Or maybe it's an inside joke, because of a previous misinterpretation of nice & wide...

BJ Miller said...


I really enjoy your blog and think it is deserving of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Stop by and pick up your award and follow instructions. Congratulations!

Joan Miller
Luxegen Genealogy and Family History

Park Avenue Princess said...

I'm always *so amazed to see what's in each book!

I have to agree that it looks like 'wide'.


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