Good Versus Evil


Found in "Relationship Rescue" by Phillip McGraw. Published by Hyperion, 2000.
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Glory von Hathor said...

Damn those evil sausage sharks! Damn them to watery Dr Phil hell.

Park Avenue Princess said...

It always AMAZES me the different things that are found. More than that, I guess it's actually WHICH book it's actually found in!

Thank you for sharing!

Who reads Dr. Phil? :)

x0xx Amy

YrObtSvt said...

Love this one!

My girlfriend and I bought some used library books recently and stumbled across a couple of forgotten bookmarks: A Billy Idol Fan Club membership card, filled out but never submitted; and a bookmark from Alsopp and Chappell, a defunct bookstore in Little Rock, Ark.

Thanks for offering up such an enjoyable diversion.


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