The New Age Is Old Enough To Drink


July 12

Found in "Power Play" by Joesph Finder, published by St. Martin's, 2007.

Note: SUCO is the local SUNY school here in Oneonta. I sort of remember that he was going to be in town, but I couldn't tell you the year. Google was no help.


Cat said...

Just found you blog....really love it, what a GREAT idea!

Eric said...

This person looks like they were reading up on how to snipe Yani!

I'm a new reader, too, and this blog is rad!

MrCachet said...

Found your blog through the catalog while searching for images of La Belle Chocolatiere, which is a different story altogether. I read recently of a large collection of Irish Holy Cards found in public library books in Dublin, and I occasionally find such things in books I borrow from our public library. It's a rather interesting pastime, so I'll play along.

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