Christmas Cheer

Today's post was submitted by FB reader Chris.


The News
New York Picture Newspaper
Chaplins clever comedy
completes(?) Christmas cheer
Found in "Audel's Carpenters and Builders Guide #4" published in 1923.

Thanks Chris!


† herzleid † said...

Cute! =D
You forgot the line "Chaplin's clever comedy" though, it brings some more sense to "completes Christmas cheer".

unmoderated said...

edited. thanks.

jociegal said...

I love this one. thank you!

Glory von Hathor said...

It's almost as if they were trying to break a cryptic crossword clue.

Or proto-Beat poetry.

unmoderated said...

I made me think of the game "Password."

tori said...

the new site looks awesome!

Jenera said...

I picked up this very same book at an estate sale a few weeks ago.

Isabella said...

One thing I notice from many of these older notes you've found is how nice the handwriting is. It reminds me of my grandmother's handwriting. So perfect and neat. She was always proud to tell me how the teachers would tell her how perfect her handwriting was. Even into her older years...still perfect. I look at handwriting now and it's all over the board. Too much typing...not enough cursive writing practice I guess.
Thanks for sharing.

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