Dr. Sheldon's Sanitarium

Advertising card, 9 inches by 4 inches.
Dr. Sheldon's Sanitarium
Established July 1st 1910
Springboro PA
Positively Cures
All Liquor and Drug Addictions
Morphine Habit and all Addictions to Opium
Derivatives, Cocaine, Chloral, Tobacco
and Cigarette Habits
Our location (Springboro PA) is ideal for an institution of this character. It is a beautiful resort with numerous attractions and natural advantages, among which is a picturesque lake which affords boating, bathing, fishing, and skating, and the water from ther famous Springboro Mineral Springs is acknowledged by all to be equaled by few and excelled by none as an all-around medicinal drinking water
The Best Equipped and Best Conducted Institution of its Kind in the Country
Write for Rates and further information to DR. SHELDON'S SANITARIUM, SPRINGBORO, PA
Both Phones - Western Union Telegraph - Lock Box 121
Found in "A New Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages" by Mariano Velazquez De La Cadena, published by D. Appleton & Co., 1906


Jessamyn Harris said...

I want this one!!
you should it to me, as a present. for what, I am not sure.

Jammer said...

Anyone know what "Both phones" means?

Nanci Hamilton said...

There were probably two phone companies operating at the time--without connection to each other. It seems improbable but I know it was true many places.

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