I wanted to share this neat book today, it's a copy of "Bow Down to Wood and Stone" by Josephine Lawrence. It's signed by Lawrence to fellow author Lilian Garis, dated 1938:

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Haven't More Than A Moment

Letter on Waldorf-Astoria stationery dated December 31, 1950:

New York, NY
Sunday - 31 December 1950

Dearest Mummie -

I have just put Pooh on the train for Bridgeport - we just made it from a light lunch here to Grand Central - and have a few moments before the limousine leaves for the airport. I have missed seeing you and Kit specially but what the time intervals as they are ? that it was best not to attempt the terrific trip up - not to the airport and back for the very few moments we would have been able to have.

Our stay has been most pleasant - thanks primarily to Jo. The Seymour (?) is small and not glamourous, but its ideal location for theaters, subways, trains, church, the Yacht Club plus the reasonable rates and good meal service made it a fine choice. It is good to know about although the Algonquin, next door, is probably about the same.

I'm sure Pooh will write you the details so I won't try to - haven't more than a moment left anyway - but we did have a very satisfying time together, as well as a change for Pooh. He telephoned Esther (?) Saturday evening and she was serene, with everything under control - Johnny had run into a table and two minutes before our departure had fallen in the bathroom and was bleeding from a wound over his eye (just was a scratch) but aside from this all was well at home.

We really enjoyed the two shows - 6th row center seats at one and fourth row center at "South Pacific" - so you can see how they were.

The weather seems to have improved so that it is a quite good for now. I anticipate a good New Year's evening aloft. Say hello to Kit, Martha and Josephine for me. It was very nice and thoughtful of Lucy and Alta (?) to send me a bon voyage telegram, please thank them.

Take good care of yourself darling and please don't worry if Kit can't cope with the ?? I'll fly back for it.

All my love Darling and Happy New Year


Found in "McLeod's Folly"by Louis Bromfield. Published by World Publishing, 1948.

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Ahead Of The Parade

Ticket for the preview showing of "Ahead of the Parade: The Inside Story of the Automobile World" at the Norwich High School, May 16, 8 o'clock. No year stated.

Found in "Of Making Many Books" by Roger Burlingame. Published by Scribners, 1946/

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Giveaway winner

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Driven Back

 Photograph, no writing or dates or printing on reverse side.

Found in "Driven Back to Eden" by E.P. Roe. Published by Dodd and Mead, 1885.

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My Favorite Philosopher

Gift inscription:

Dear Peggy -

You know how fond I am of the intellectual - here is a copy of the works of my favorite philosopher.

With Love,

The book is "The Lives and Times of Archy and Mehitabel" by Don Marquis. Published by Doubleday, Doran, 1942.

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A Little Sweetheart

Small heart-shaped card with a birth announcement inside:

A Little Sweetheart Has Come To Us

Whom we have named
Harrie Lynn Day 2nd
Arrived Nov 23, 1931
Weight 7 lb 2 oz

We are the happy parents
Mr. and Mrs. Harrie Lynn Day

Found in "A General History For Colleges and High Schools" by P.V.N. Meyers. Published by Ginn and Co., 1900.

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