I Want My Two Dollars

Two one dollar bills.

Found in "Gold Coast" by Elmore Leonard. Published by Bantam, 1985.

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Do With Less

World War II ration book.

Found in "Steel Trails: The Epic of the Railroads" by Martin Stevens. Published by Minton, Balch, 1933.

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We All Scream

Recipe for "Ice cream in Kelvinator"

1 qt. milk
1 (?) doz (dozen?) marshmallows
1/2 pt whipping cream
1 t. vanilla

Warm milk with marshmallows until dissolved. Then beat in whipping cream when cool. Add vanilla and freeze.
Stir from time to time to keep creamy.

Found in a very worn copy of "The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book" by Fannie Merritt Farmer. Published by Little, Brown, 1931.

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Further Instructions

You all might remember this note from a while back:

Two notes (one and a half, really - bottom note has been torn) -

Rhubarb for breakfast please -

NO sugar added -

I like it plain and tart - not sweet


...over the kitchen and pantry and the ceiling is very thin. ??? please ask Beeko (?) and Josephine to talk softly till nine o'clock.

Thank you.

We are going out to lunch, and we'll plan something you can leave for us tomorrow night in icebox.

I have found a similar note in similar handwriting. I have to believe it's from the same author. Even the text matches up:

Everything was delicious last night AHN. The turkey was tender and fine and the potatoes lovely and pie, etc.

Will you please talk in a low voice in the morning till nine o'clock as it wakes our guest out of a sound sleep...

Found in "I Bring You Joy" by Alice Bishop Kramer and Albert Ludlow Kramer. Published by the authors, 1937.

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This week's winner was Virginia Cannon, who entered on Facebook.

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