War In Color

I still  have a few interesting items from the Civil War collection I'd like to share. Here are some loose illustrations, they all seem to be taken from an 1862 edition of D.T. Valentine's Manual.

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The Battlefield

I found these papers folded neatly in a manila envelope separate from the rest of the letters. What caught my eye was the first note, signed by Samuel Philips, author of the letter I posted on Monday:

Letters & envelopes I picked up from the battlefield of Gettysburg the day after the battle
Samuel Philips

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Clothing And Camp

A second piece with the name of H.H.C. Kay:

Quartermaster General's Office
Washington City, D.C.
October 25 1864


Your consolidated return of clothing and camp and garrison equipage pertaining to Co. B 22nd Reg. Penna Gar. for period from July 1st 1863 to January 27th 1864 has been received and examined at this office, and sent to the Second Auditor of the Treasury for settlement.

Remarks -

Very ??
By order of the G.M. Guard (?)


Capt. H.H.C. Kay
22 Penna Gar

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Raise And Recruit

Another item from that Civil War collection:

Headquarters - Pennsylvania Militia, Inspector General's Department

Harrisburg, August, 1864

To H.H.C. Kay

Sir: You are hereby authorized to raise and recruit a Company Squadron of Volunteer Cavalry under the provisions of General Order No. 1, of these Head-quarters, of August 30, 1864, issued in pursuance of the authority of the Acts of Assembly of the 22nd and 25th August, 1864, and the act to which they are supplements, authorizing the formation of the Pennsylvania State Guard.

Samuel Todd
Inspector General, Penn'a

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Your Affectionate Husband

A few months back, I came across a nice collection of Civil War-era letters and ephemera. I could spend a month with these, but I thought I would take this week to show off some of the best.

Chambersburg PA - Aug. 1st 1862

Dear Rebecca:

Your very welcome letter reached me yesterday evening. I was much pleased to learn that you and Mr. Campbell had made all things right. I received a letter from him yesterday in which he states that Mr. Hapler (?) was perfectly satisfied. I can now rest. The fact is I was entirely too hasty, at least I  had no grounds to complain because my quarters salary (?) was not due, although they should have interested themselves more to raise the money by the time I left.

I have been very well since I left. I put up with Mr. Clarke where I remained over night. Last night I started with Mr. Waupler (?) and during the day I ran about almost every where. The (?) are all glad to see me. I was at Wanamakers, thye don't take their bereavement as hard as I thought they would. They intend to move to Philadelphia in about 3 weeks. I saw Capt. Gillan, and could have wept over him. He is in the last stage of consumption, and is not able to go to church any more. I don't think he will last beyond fall. I dined yesterday with Judge Nill....(?) But I can't go into particulars until I see you.

All the young men here have joined the army. They want me to because (?) Chaplain which I think I will do. Henry Hutton, Ben. La(?) George W (? likely same name as above), James Maxwell, John Oaks, Jeff Nill are among the numbers.

But I will now close. When we meet I can give you more satisfaction. I will be at Carlisle on Monday morning. If anything happens let me know. My love to the family, I accept a great portion from (?)

Your affectionate husband,
Samuel Philips

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