On The Road

Photograph. No date or writing.

Found in "The Mountain Road" by Theodore H. White. Published by Sloane, 1958.

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Let's Ride

Homemade greeting card, no date:

Dear Alena,

These creatures were one of our various rides. We also rode on an elephant. The temples were fantastic - covered with carvings or painted and Mogul palaces with the stone lattice work, wow! We'll see you soon with pictures.

Pomme Frite

Found in "Alias Grace" by Margaret Atwood. Published by Talese, 1996.

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Giveaway Winner

This week's winner was Allie Cat, who entered right here on the site.

Allie, please send me an email so I know where to send your books: fb@forgottenbookmarks.com

Thanks to all for entering!

Friday Giveaway - Signed copies of "Handwritten Recipes" and "Forgotten Bookmarks" - contest closed

Contest now closed, winner will be announced shortly.

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Not Bad

Entry tag and "Good" ribbon from the Delaware County Fair, Walton NY.

Found in "Your Home Garden and Grounds" by F.F. Rockwell. Published by Macfadden, 1929.

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The Masters

Collection of engraved portraits, I'm not sure of their true origin.

Found in "The English Ditties: Selected From W. Chappell's 'Popular Music of the Olden Time'" edited by J. Oxenford. Published by Chappell & Co., no date listed.

One tune you might recognize:

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A picture so cool I couldn't think up a title.

Found in "Virginia Woolf" by David Daiches. Published by New Direction Books, 1942.

Here's a big scan of the photo:

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Sealed With A Kiss

Book of lip stickers.

Found in "Miniature Schnauzers" by Beverly Pisano and Gloria Lewis. Published by TFH, 1992.

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