Giveaway winner

This week's winner was Ian Reilly, who entered here on the site.

Ian, I will try and get in touch with you, but if you see this, please send me an email:

Thanks to everyone for entering, see you here next week.

Friday Giveaway: Signed copies of FORGOTTEN BOOKMARKS and HANDWRITTEN RECIPES - contest closed

Contest now closed, winner will be announced shortly.

Good luck!

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Where The West Begins

Photograph, on the reverse is stamped

Davenport Iowa
Apr 8 1943
Where The West Begins

Found in "Colonial Days and Dames" by Anne Hollingsworth Wharton. Published by Lippincott, 1895.

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Off The Tracks

One section of model railroad track. Printed on the back:

Atlas No. 33
18" R
Made in Austria

Found in "The Door in the Wall" by Marguerite de Angeli. Published by Junior Literary Guild, 1949.

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As Thick As Johnny Cakes

Recipe for corn bread:

3 pints of sweet milk
2 tea spoons of soda
1 saucer of wheat flour
A little salt
1/2 cup molasses

Stir as thick as Johnny Cakes
Steam 2 1/2 hours (?)
Then put it in the oven 10 minutes and take it out and eat it.

Found in "The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying" by Jeremy Taylor. Published by Little, Brown, 1864.

Is it me, or is there no corn in this corn bread?

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Mistry Money

I received a message from a reader named Madeleine who wanted to share this forgotten bookmark:

She writes:

Greetings from Canada. I am currently reading (and enjoying) "Forgotten Bookmarks" and have a story to share: In Toronto, we have some Little Free Libraries, (which you have probably heard about), and in March this year, I picked up a hard cover copy of Rohinton Mistry's "A Fine Balance" - one of my favourite books. I took it home - and double luck! - not only did I have a lovely hard cover edition, I found $$ inside. The "Mistry Money" was inside a note saying "This is for your stereo". The word stereo is pretty much from another era, so my guess is….the cash had been in this book for a few years. (A Fine Balance was published in 1995)

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Giveaway winner

This week's winner was Margaret, who entered right here on the site.

Margaret, I will send an email to the address in your Blogger profile. If you don't see it, you can reach me here:

Thanks to all who entered. See you here next week.

Friday Giveaway: 9 Modern Library Books - contest closed

Contest now closed, winner will be announced shortly.

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