In It To Win It

New York State Lottery instant scratch-off game. I honestly have no idea if it's a winner, I gave up trying to figure it out.

Found in (heh) "Die Broke" by Stephen M. Pollan. Published by Harper, 1997.

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Thanks, Bobo

Gift card:

To Mildred:
With love and a merry Christmas from "Bobo."

Found in "Manhood and Marriage" by Bernarr Macfadden. Published by Macfadden Publications, 1929.

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Giveaway winners

Three winners this week. First, via Twitter was @jmargalo. The last two were from Facebook, Melanie Forbis and Marco Toturro.

Thanks to everyone who entered, see you here next week.

Friday Giveaway: Signed copies of HANDWRITTEN RECIPES - contest closed

Contest now closed, winner will be announced shortly.

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And In The End

Note, found inside matching envelope.

Found in "Roget's International Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases" by C.O. Sylvester Mawson. Published by Crowell, 1934.

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Name card for Myron A. Foote.

Found in "Lost But Found" by Aunt Hattie. Published by Graves and Young, 1866.

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Take A Picture

Polaroid photo, no date or writing.

Found in "The Complete Book of Camping" by Leonard Miracle with Maurice Decker. Published by Outdoor Life, 1971.

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Take It Easy

Drawing of a marijuana leaf.

Found in "How to Grow Marijuana Indoors Under Lights" by Murphy Stevens. Published by Sun Magic Publishing, 1975.

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