Never Alone

Typed poem:


One is never alone in the world,
There is always the Friend that's most dear;
And when Life's roughest banner's unfurled
Then the Greatest of all friends is near.

So you don't face your trials alone,
God loves you and does what s best;
Though it seems you are all on your own,
You can still turn to Him when distressed.

Do not wait till you think it the end,
Go to Him at least once every day;
He'll become the most genuine Friend,
And He'll guide you along your rough way.

So in prayer may you ever be true;
May He never be cause for your shame,
He'll never be ashamed of you,
So then make faithful praying your aim.

And when all of Life's trials are o'er,
And the things are broken you've done,
Upon death you'll rejoice ever-more
For in truth you've in every way won.

Capt. Jensen

Found in "Here and Now Story Book" by Lucy Sprague Mitchell. Published by E.P. Dutton, 1929.

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As Big As Texas

Recipe for "Texas Sheet Cake + Frosting"

2 c sugar
2 c flour

In small pan mix:

2 stick Oleo
4 T cocoa
1 c H20

Bring to a rapid boil and pour over sugar and flour mixture

1/2 cup buttermilk
2 beaten eggs
1/2 tsp
1 tsp soda
1 tsp vanilla

350 degrees 25 minutes


Bring to boil
1/2 c butter
3 1/2 T cocoa
1/3 c milk

1 box P sugar (I think it should be confectioner's sugar)
1 tsp vanilla

Add sugar, beat in mixer
add vanilla
beat til creamy, add nuts

Pour over hot cake

Found in "The House of Cobwebs" by Mary Reisner. Published by Grosset and Dunlap, 1944.

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There Isn't Any More

Small Christmas card:

I'd like to wish you more happiness this Christmas, but I've wished you all there is and there isn't any more

Found in "The Blythe Girls: Rose's Great Problem" by Laura Lee Hope. Published by Whitman, 1925.

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Giveaway winner

This week's winner was Chris Childs, who entered over on Facebook.

As always, thanks to everyone for entering. See you here next week.

Friday Giveaway: 15 Vintage Classics - contest closed

Contest is now closed, this week's winner will be announced shortly.

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Freedom of '76

Photograph, no date or writing - but after about an hour of research, I believe it's a photo of the Philadelphia City Hall.

Here's a cleaned-up version of the photo:

And here's what City Hall looks like today:

Found in "Walls of Gold" by Kathleen Norris. Published by Doubleday & Doran, 1933.

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Double Vision

Stereo card, titled "American Scenery," featuring Genesee Falls, Ithaca New York.

Found in "A Memorial to Theodore Roosevelt" published by New York State, 1919.

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Page from a homemade 1934 calendar.

Found in "The Children's Friend" by Mrs. Adelaide Bee Evans. Published by Review and Herald, 1928.

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