A Nurse's Story

Handwritten page from a journal, looks like white pen on thick scrapbook style black paper.

Feb 1, 1945 - My first day at M.E.H. It was pretty lonesome when Mother and Freda left, but met lots of the girls in my class at the pajama party in the evening.

Mar. 7, 1945 - First day in uniform. Gee, we look funny! And my shoes feel so queer with these "cookies" in them.

Mar. 10, 1945 - First day on wards! Convalescent bed and disinfect a unit. Not much but was I ever scared! Fun, though!!

Mar 12, 1945 - First pay check today - $15 for February. Gee! I'm a real Cadet Nurse, now!

June 17, 1945 - First full day on wards from 7 to 3. Much nicer than just a few hours!

June 29, 1945 - Had my tonsils out at 1:s0 PM. Had a local anesthetic. Wow! What a procedure and is my throat ever sore after!

July 3, 1945 - The "Big Day." Discharged from infirm. at noon. Got Cadet uniforms in PM. Was capped at 8:00 PM in chapel. 24 of us got through. I had 47 points. Mommy was there. Oh, what a thrill! I'm really in now!!

Found in "I'll Get Over It" by Maysie Greig. Published by Center Books, 1943.

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