Friday Giveaway: Nine Vintage Books in Green - contest closed

Contest now closed, winner will be announced shortly.

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  1. my instagram is @paigeknight53, these would be a prized possession in my home!! thanks for hosting!!

  2. Vintage books are always great, and I like the color theme!

  3. Thank you for this chance! They look really beautiful! :D

  4. Gorgeous vintage books, as always! Green is my favorite color, and I would take such good care of them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Hopefully I haven't left 2 comments... Forgive me if I have. Beautiful collection!

  6. I see what's rude in those rural rhymes, but interesting as an example of the time in which they were written.

    "The days when I am feeling best
    Are those on which I need a vest.
    In summer noons I pant like Shep,
    I have no gumption and no pep.
    The African or colored gink,
    He feels the heat much less I think,
    But I am white, or leastwise pink.
    I lie around to rest my bones
    And feed my face with ice-cream cones,
    I live on salads, fruits and slaw
    And suck up soft drinks through a straw.
    I cut no grass and saw no wood,
    In short I am no gosh darn good.
    But when fall comes and summer slumps,
    I limber up and stir my stumps.
    I seek, at sixteen Main Street west,
    The shop wherein I pawned my vest,
    And wrap the garment ’round my chest.
    Behold the man both fat and swayback
    Who cannot make his tummy stay back.
    The thinner clothes in seasons torrid
    Show up his plumpness something horrid.
    In autumn still he runs to waist,
    But all is decently incased.
    E’en I, though fairly slim, look best
    When in a sober waistcoat dressed.
    My wife’s a frugal dame you know,
    So now in old worn shirts I go,
    Because the darns no longer show.
    But I have pockets now, by jings,
    That hold a lot of useful things,
    And when I travel near or far
    Upon the Lehigh choo-choo car,
    With carefree heart I buy my ticket
    And have a good safe place to stick it."