Hello Mom And Dad

 Handwritten letter, dated January 16, 2009:

Hello Mom and Dad!

I'm sending out the check now, sorry for the wait. It seems a waste to not include a short letter in an otherwise empty envelope. So I will send you the letter "R." "R" is the 18th letter of the alphabet, without which I could not write my name. So you can see that it is very important - especially to me.

I'm hoping to see you both next week or so. I would like to cook something with you Mom, we can decide what, when we have a set plan. Nothing too special I am mostly interested in the practicing, and of course, the eating.

Dad, I read an article about people raising bee hives on rooftops in Manhattan, They get about 60 lbs a harvest per hive, 2 or 3 times a year. They sell it for about $10/lb. Not bad. Keeping bees in NYC is illegal, so they are constantly worried about losing their colony. There are support groups for them. Read up on bees, I think it's something easy for your to do.

Love R

Found in "Seasbiscuit" by Laura Hillenbrand. Published by Ballantine, 2002.

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