What Is His Name?

Yesterday, I was sorting some books and I came across this little fellow:
It's a little book of poetry, still in its original gift box, with a spider web pattern jacket.

It appears the jacket held in a bit of moisture over the years, which led to the discoloration.

Inside the book, I found this:

Presented To
Augusta Kiel
for the Best poem written in the Otego High School

by W.H. Alger - June 23, 1931

And this:

What is His Name?

There is a little artist,
Who paints in the cold night hours
Pictures for little children
Of wondrous trees and flowers

Pictures of snow-white mountains,
Touching the snow-white sky,
Pictures of distant oceans
Where pretty ships go by.

The moon is the lamp he paints by,
His canvas the window pane,
His brush is a frozen snowflake,
Jack Frost is the artist's name.

The book is "One Hundred and One Famous Poems" published by The Cable Company, 1928.

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