Your Old Chum

Note, dated June 8th, 1928:

My Dear Hardin:

Thirty eight years have passed since last I was here. During that time I have thought of you and this country of big hills a great many times, and have looked forward to coming again to see the old places and the old friends, if any of the latter remained. I have seen many parts of our country but it is hard to find one more delightful than this, and I have always cherished my memories of it.

I have enjoyed the hospitality of your harming home and hope you will sometime visit me. I am indebted to my cousins, whose names appear below, for the pleasure of this present visit.

Your old chum,
Homer C. Brown
502 North 6th St
Seattle Washington

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kellow
105 Summit Ave
Syracuse New York

Found in "My Mark Twain" by W.D. Howells. Published by Harper and Brothers, 1910.

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  1. Love finding this blog after having bought your book several years ago. I feel like I've found an old friend! :)

    I wanted to comment that the name on the card appears to be "Kellogg" and not "Kellow" as you typed. In case you'd like to know that. ;)

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog!