College Days

Note, perhaps a page from a diary. Thick paper:

The Place:  Cornell Univ. Ithaca

The Party: Fanning, McGuillen, Ruppert

Notes: Train from Hornell to Corning. Fenmer's (???) ford (?) to Ithaca.; Brough Lynch + Leany to Corning. Fixed them up. Embanned (???) Veronica at Pine St. Came back on train.

The Place: Alfred University

The Party: "Red" Hahn, "Bulldozer" Ryan, Ruppert

Notes: Good luck going. Met my brothers at Alfred. Chased by cop and tore my pants, had a fight, almost stole a dog, went to dance at Armory. Enjoyable day.

Found in "Tables of Complex Hyperbolic and Circular Functions" by A.E. Kennelly. Published by Harvard University Press, 1914.

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  1. That's a really good one, very funny. I laughed at the account of his enjoyable day. Some things never change!

  2. I would have liked to have been there to see either of these events! I think he embarrassed Veronica...maybe.

  3. Laurie: Yes - it must be shorthand for "embarrassed Veronica". Seems likely given his other high-jinks.

  4. Well I will say his day at Alfred University sounds like an enjoyable day, indeed! Loved this!

    (And if he embarrassed Veronica on Pine Street imagine if she had been there when he almost stole a dog an tore his pants being chased by a cop!) :)