Rent and Reservations

Note of receipt, dated March 22, 1869:

Received Guilderland March 22, 1869 from Appalina Livingston & heirs of Philip Livingston, Deceased Twenty Four 34/100 Dollars in full for rent and reservations due Stephen Van Rensselaer on farms leased to Christian Kaley Jan 4th 1791. The amount that I paid to the said Van Rensselaer on the 29th day of March 1868 for rent and release due from said heirs of Philip Livingston deceased

Henry Kaley

Livingston and Van Rensselaer are both well-known names from New York State history.

Found in "The Farmer's Law Book and Town Officer's Guide" by Jacob Multer. Published by Munsell, 1851.

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