Here's a marriage certificate, dated October 18, 1899. It appears to be more of a keepsake than a legal document.

Found in "The Holy Bible" published by Samuel T. Armstrong, no date, circa 1850.

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  1. This is pretty cool:

    It shows them in the 1900 census.

  2. http://fultonhistory.com/newspaper%202/Newark%20%20NY%20Arcadian%20Weekly%20Gazette/Newark%20%20NY%20Arcadian%20Weekly%20Gazette%201898-1899.pdf/Newark%20%20NY%20Arcadian%20Weekly%20Gazette%201898-1899%20-%201027.pdf

    First column mid page:
    One of the most charming of weddings occurred at Treadwell at the home of Mrs. Sarah McIntosh when her youngest daughter was united in Wedlock to Ruel Morse, of Wallington, Wednesday, October 18. The ceremony was performed promptly at 2 o'clock amid flowers and evergreens and in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives, by Rev. Mr. Kisken, pastor of the Methodist church of Treadwell. Miss Ida Smith, of Sidney, was maid of honor and Albert McIntosh, brother of the bride, was best man. A reception followed, and the couple took the New York, Ontario and Western train southward for a week's trip. Mr. and Mrs. Morse will be at home to their friends in the McDowell house at Wallington, after Nov. 1.

  3. I notice that you didn't transcribe this document as you usually do. I'd like to encourage you to do so: a family historian would be thrilled to find this marriage certificate for his/her ancestors. If you transcribe it search engines will pick up the names.

    I love your blog and enjoy your posts with all the treasures you find in old books.

  4. On Ancestry (dot) com, there is a Family Tree titled: Stead Family Tree and Both individuals are listed. I sent a message to the owner, (although it has been 7 months since she lasted signed on to the tree... I gave her you website URL, just in case.

  5. Yeah for the genealogists! rymrytr, I hope someone responds. What a treasure for the family.

  6. Saw this as part of a list posted by a librarian FB page... Did any descendants ever make contact?