Saving Energy

Mimeographed copy of "Joe's" homework essay on saving energy:

There are different ways of saving energy, such as: using solar cells. Solar cells can be used for light and heating our homes. Only watching the shows you want to on tv can save energy because you will wast electricity with the tv on all day watching it. Usig car pools will save gas too. These are just a few of the facts. If yor are an "energy waster" try to cut down on electricity and save heat. Use weather stripping and close doors and windows. Energy waste can be started by you and it can be stopped by you too.

The end

Found in "The Two Towers" by J.R.R. Tolkien. Published by Ballantine, 1965.

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  1. Not mimeograph but a ditto machine, spirit duplicator. The ditto machine was the one that had that unmistakable odor and purple ink. Mimeograph just used standard black ink like the offset press, or any other press as far as that goes. :)

  2. I wonder whether he ever handed the homework in?

  3. Oh my mimeographs, hard to believe we have come so far. Classic school assignment from the 70's!