Everything Is Very Great

Postcard, featuring the Westport Inn, Westport NY, dated July 28, 1909:

Every thing is very great  here, we have only 75 guests. Some of the ???ing class students had bad news the other day, some papers came back...

Found in "Napoleon and Blucher: A Historical Novel" by Miss L. Muhlbach. Published by D. Appleton, 1867.

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  1. It looks to me as though everything is very "quiet," not "great," especially if they had "only" 75 guests (thought that sounds like a lot to me!).

  2. That letter that's bee overwritten looks like a lower-case h that's been capitalized - but what a "Haming class" might be escapes me...

  3. Everything is very "quiet" here?

    P.S. I love Forgotten Bookmarks!

  4. Looks like either farming class, or training class.

  5. Training class maybe? I agree with quiet for the first word.

  6. I posted this over on LiveJournal before I read these replies. I agree that the word is "Training":

    I expanded the image of the word in the extreme and could see the difference in ink color, penmanship, and stroke effects. The loop of the "y" in "only" above the undefined word, blends with the second letter. It appears to be "Training Class".

    The "T" was written in haste and was short where it combined with the "r".

    The right edge of that cursive "r" blends perfectly with the left edge of the up-stroke of the "y" in "only" (directly above "Training"), giving in an appearance of being part of the "a".

    Then the writer realized that the capitol "T" was short and added a secondary down stroke to straighten and lengthen that capitol "T". The initial "T" was slanted and the added stroke, makes it resemble a "Z", but is deceiving us.

    The "h" in the word "had", (below "Training") also incorporates itself. The top of the (tight) loop of that "h", blends itself into where the "r" joins the "a".

    So, (speculation here) some of the Training Students apparently didn't do well in there (possible) exam or questions regarding what the had learned.

  7. P.S. I enjoy you blog so much, that I bought both of your books. I bought two copies of the Recipe book and gave one away at Christmas.

    As a long time lover of mysteries, esoteric and/or cryptic, I want to say that your time and effort was not wasted in publishing the books! (Will there be more? I wonder as I wander!).

  8. OOOhhh I would love to go there..Looks very pretty..