A Grand Mother

Letter, dated March 6, 1968:

Dear Grand Son Robert,
Hoping this finds you enjoying life. I am coming along very good, after that sick spell I had after Christmas. How is the snow up there? It has been thawing here for the last 3 days. This morning it is raining, it will warm up some time and melt this snow.
This weekend I am looking for Lillian and Sharon if the weather and roads are good.
From a Grand Mother,

Found in "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" published by Harcourt and Brace, 1933 (first edition).

- I know I usually don't comment on these posts, but for some reason this letter got to me. I lost a grandmother not so long ago. She lived right around the corner from the book shop, and I would go and visit her every day for lunch. She suffered from dementia towards the end, and it wasn't easy to watch. The handwriting in this letter reminded me of her writing; my grandmother was an epic letter writer, and you can gauge the progression of her illness through her handwriting. Sorry for the personal comments, carry on.

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  1. Grand Mothers are so special, aren't they? My maternal grandmother is now bed-ridden but her smile brightens up the room.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I was just thinking of how I would love to have a letter from either one of my grandmothers..one has passed on and the other has Alzheimers. The letter especially touched me today as my nephews and niece have lost their paternal grandmother and are having a hard time understanding the loss.
    Thanks again...

  3. I likd your personal comment about the letter. I also purchased and like your book, Forgotten Bookmarks. I usually move books along (novels usually) pretty regularly, but I am keeping yours. I have a whole shelf about books and reading and Forgotten Bookmarks fits perfectly.

  4. I appreciated your comment. I have kept all the letters from my grandmothers, and their handwriting does tell the story of the losses of age.

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  6. So glad you left the comment. As I read the letter, I was wishing the grandchild reads your blog and connects back up with it.

    After my husband and I moved away, m mother wrote me a letter every Monday, and I still have most of them.

    At about 90 or 91 she couldn't handle the correspondence. It's so nice to have the reminders of when she was still vibrant.

    You were very blessed to be so close to your grandmother.

  7. This looks like a less controlled version of my own nanny's handwriting too. She's long gone but I managed to hold on to two of her letters, they completely bring her back to me in a way that a photograph can't. I can hear her voice as I read. It's nice.