Death In The Afternoon

Postcard, date unknown:


This is my second day in Mexico City. It's really a beautiful place, quite modern. On Sunday we're off to the bull fights. It ought to be fun.

See you in 6 weeks.


Found in "Death in the Afternoon" by Ernest Hemingway. Published by Scribners, 1954.

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  1. Is there a date on the postmark? Just curious....

  2. It looks like July 20, and then something and a 3. This air mail stamp was used in the 50s, and the post card is circa 1950s or earlier, so it could be 53, or 63.

  3. It couldn't be 1953– the collection of Architecture & Archaeology stamps were made between 1954 and '75. Actually I'm guessing it's from 1960, since the two digits right after the month in the stamp denote the year so it's DDMMMYY and then another two digits which are a mystery to me, maybe the time?

    I'm not a stamp aficionado, I just had some time on my hands and was interested because I live in Mexico City (but I've never been to a bull fight!)

  4. Very interesting cursive style. At first glance, it seems like it might be based on a familiar method, but there's some rather unique features, like lots of curls at the beginning of letters (which isn't part of any cursive method I personally studied). Reminds me that I'll have to study handwriting analysis a little more sometime.