Sally and Bobby

Today's post comes from one our readers.
Peggy writes:

Are there are any fans of Mad Men amongst the Forgotten Bookmarks followers? Published in 1960, the same year that Mad Men's story begins, this cover bears a striking resemblance to the opening credits of the series. Inside, was a black and white photo of two children (a real "Sally" and "Bobby")? This was found in the donations box at my mother's assisted living facility."

So Dies The Dreamer, a Red Badge Mystery Novel by Ursula Curtiss. Published by Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1960.

Thanks, Peggy

Thank you, Peggy.

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  1. I'm a fan of Mad Men! It could definately be Sally and Bobby there on the picture. Great blog - a different haven in the blogworld.

  2. Thanks, A.M. Love yours, too. Wish I could get that far north someday.

  3. I love Mad's such a well done series! I find that amazing that the book cover and the names of the children are so similar to those in the show.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just got turned on to your blog. What a great topic! Thanks for sharing all of your neat finds!

  5. The mystery deepens when one considers the contributor's name. Could this "Peggy" indeed be the real Peggy Olson?

  6. A thing like that!

    I found your blog via BlogsOfNote. I was featured there yesterday and decided to browse the archives. I'm glad I did!