Too Many Tourists

Postcard, postmarked Paris, 1998.
Aug 17
Dear Jim - In Paris for 2 weeks escorting adults, we discovered a Salvadore Dali gallery with many of his works. It's on Montmarte, around the corner from tourist-laden Place du Terte, and nobody knows (or cares?) It was interesting to see his recurring themes - the clocks and flaccid phallic symbols, of course, but also crutches (sometimes disguised as trees) butterflies and moths, unicorns, single drops of blood, cities in the distance. Thanks to you, I know how to look at the artwork. A true gallery, it had a permanent exhibit and works for sale - for beaucoup francs.
Gorgeous weather, too many tourists - 
Myall (?)

Found in "Amphigorey Also" by Edward Gorey, published by Congdon and Weed, 1983 

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