Dear Aeneas,

Dear Aeneas,
I cannot believe what a slime you are. What I ever saw in you in beyond me. Sarah's mind must be warped - I love her but how she managed to spend 2 years with a manipulative sadist like you is incredible (yes she told me.) You must have seen that she was sad or something and zoomed in on her like a vulture. I almost feel like that's what you did to me although it was probably my stupidity then anything else.
How could you be so CRUEL to Sarah and I as to tell her that (Michelle told me). Did you want to hurt us? What did we ever do to you, slime? Did you just forget that we made a pact not to mention this LUDICROUS flirtation? My God, WHAT did I ever see in you? You're nothing but a self-satisfying walking mass of ego, a phony!!! And the most ridiculous part of it all is that you're not even worth the trouble. You're downright ugly and you talk funny. You don't know how to dress. You have all the morality & sentiment of a JUNGLE BEAST. LESS!!! And you're a colossal snob; a boor and a boring old fart. We won't even go into your sexual perversities - you nasty voyeur!
All I can say to you now is I hate you, I hate you, I hate you and id I ever lay eyes on you again you had better hope to God that your eyes are not within scratching distance of my nails. And I want 'Avalon' back.
----> over, creep.
Not and never will be either -
Yours -

Found in "While Waiting" by George Verrilli M.D.


  1. OMG that is hilarious. I read this in the library and laughed so much people were staring at me.

  2. I just looked up the book - it's everything you'll ever need to know about pregnancy!

    I feel for Slime.
    Rosie of BooksAndBakes

  3. I wonder: did Mary send it and Aeneas place it in the book?

    Did Mary change her mind and not send it, but kept it as a reminder of the consequences of a bad choice?