Babe In The Woods

Baby photograph.

Found in "The Congregational Yearbook: Statistics for 1917" published by The Pilgrim Press, 1918.

-Click to enlarge photos-


Lisa Fulton said...

Here you are, back with a bang. I love the things you find in old Congressional Yearbooks. This is a snapshot of real life, most likely put into the yearbook by someone connected with the government at that time. Even government workers, perhaps a congressman, had babies. Look at that little fellow, dressed just like my own father was in his baby pictures of the same decade. Such a serious scowl. Bet he grew up to be a congressman.

Lisa Fulton said...

I just looked at the book again, and saw my mistake. Sorry. Not sure what a congregational yearbook is. So my guesses were way off. I still like the old photo.

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