College Days

Note, perhaps a page from a diary. Thick paper:

The Place:  Cornell Univ. Ithaca

The Party: Fanning, McGuillen, Ruppert

Notes: Train from Hornell to Corning. Fenmer's (???) ford (?) to Ithaca.; Brough Lynch + Leany to Corning. Fixed them up. Embanned (???) Veronica at Pine St. Came back on train.

The Place: Alfred University

The Party: "Red" Hahn, "Bulldozer" Ryan, Ruppert

Notes: Good luck going. Met my brothers at Alfred. Chased by cop and tore my pants, had a fight, almost stole a dog, went to dance at Armory. Enjoyable day.

Found in "Tables of Complex Hyperbolic and Circular Functions" by A.E. Kennelly. Published by Harvard University Press, 1914.

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