Man's Best Friend

A few newspaper/magazine clippings on dogs, a postcard (no writing or postmark) and a short note:

March 4, 1944

My wife, who does most of the dog-raising around here, recommends two books, to which she constantly refers for suggestions, especially as to diet.

"The Complete Dog Book" by Dr. William A. Bruette, published by Appleton in 1925.

"How to Raise a Dog in the City and in the Suburbs" by James R. Kinney and Ann Honeycutt, illustrated by James Thurber, published by Simon and Schuster in 1938.

All found in "The Book of Dogs" by James Gilchrist Lawson. Published by Rand McNally, 1934.

There was also an inscription on the front endpaper:

Oct 13, 1934 - At Oneonta
The day we attended "The First Annual Horse Show of Oneonta"
Howard, Daddy, ???, Flo and I plus Eleanor and James Stafford

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