This Good Old Book

Haven't had an inscription in a while, this seemed like a good candidate.

The ink is a bit faded and the handwriting is a little loopy, so I will do my best.

If you see something I don't, let me know in the comments.

This good old book
Anny man or woman this book ?? take ?? will work him down with a stake.
William G. ?? fine boy he is verry smart in school he reads well and ?? good

Found in "A Plan Practical System of Arithmetic" by Nathan Daboll. Published by Hosford, Albany NY, 1821.

Edit: Thank you all for the help! Updated text here:

This good old book.

Any man or woman this book does take I will knock him down with a stake.

William G Kettle (?) is a fine boy, he is very smart in school, he reads well and ciphers good.

William Kettle he is a rover

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