Cher Papa

Inscription, in French:

Cher Papa,
J'espère que tu liras le livre et qu'il te plairas.
Ta petite princesse,

Found written in "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Published by Harbrace, 1971.

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Katie said...

I'm pretty sure that says:

Dear Papa,

I hope that you will read this book and that it pleases you [or 'that you like it'].

Your little princess,

MrCachet said...

This book was recommended to me several years ago by one of my physicians. After purchasing it, I purchased all the rest of his books and found them all worth more than a single read. I'd never thought about The Little Prince being published in French. Wonderful book in any language.

jociegal said...

How sweet! I love this one.

Alex said...

Hey there: great blog! I stumbled across this thanks to an article.
Anyway, this is the translation according to google:

"Dear Dad,
I hope you read the book and that you like.
Your little princess

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