Giveaway winners

I have two winners to announce this morning, so let's get to it.

Winner of the Star Wars giveaway was @posiegirl - who entered on twitter.

Winner of the second giveaway was Ashley Teal, who entered on Facebook.

But wait - I can't allow my faithful readers here on the blog to go home empty handed...

I've taken the entries from both giveaways and picked a winner for the super-secret third prize:

Two terrific Arthur C. Clarke books, "The Exploration of Space" and "The Promise of Space" and a little battery-powered Millennium Falcon.

Winner of this little bunch was Suz and Allan.

To the winners - if you see this, send me an email:

I'll be trying to get in touch with all of you on my own, but it ever hurts to check in.

Thanks to everyone who entered!