Friday giveaway: Two Harry Potter first editions - contest closed

Special giveaway today, two first edition, first printings: "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

 - 09/10/11, contest closed

On a more serious note, I'm sure many of you have heard about the record flooding in central and southern New York as well as Pennsylvania. The bookstore made it through the rain without any problems, but our family's other shop - a used furniture and antique store - did get quite a bit of water. In fact, we have been unable to get to the shop since Wednesday, as many roads in the area are either closed or washed out. We went through the same thing in 2006, and we'll be fine.

Other communities in the area may not be. Just to the west of us, Sidney, NY is experiencing "catastrophic flooding." It will be a long time before the people and businesses there will return to life as normal. Sidney is also home to the Delaware Valley Humane Society, a friendly little animal shelter where I was lucky enough to meet and adopt my two dogs. Even after adopting my second dog, I make a trip down there every other weekend or so to meet the new arrivals and to give them the proceeds of my clearance sales from the store. They are good people and take good care of animals in need.

I'm not sure how they are faring during this crisis, but I know that they got hit pretty hard in 2006. If you love animals and enjoy the giveaways here at Forgotten Bookmarks, think about donating a dollar or two - I'll post a PayPal donate button below. 100% of the proceeds (and proceeds from will go to the shelter. I'll take whatever is in the account to them as soon as the roads are passable. If you don't donate here, think about donating to Southern Tier chapter of the Red Cross.

Donations are ABSOLUTELY not required to enter.

Thanks for reading this, and good luck on the giveaway!

Proceeds go to Delaware
Valley Humane Society

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